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Spy Wednesday

Apr 16, 2014

How have we betrayed our Lord and Savior?

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The Gift of a Vocation - Fr. Paul Aquinas Duffner, OP - 99th Birthday

Apr 15, 2014

Our beloved Fr. Paul Duffer, OP celebrated his ninety-ninth birthday yesterday!  In accordance with his wishes, there was a simple celebration at the priory with the Dominicans of Holy Rosary Priory, and staffs of Holy Rosary Parish and Rosary Center.  Please join all of us in giving thanks to God for another year of grace.  Fr. Duffner is recovering well from his hernia surgery and continues to inspire everyone by his faithful witness as a priest and religious.

Born in Jackonsville, Illinois, in 1915, the future Fr. Duffner studied at Routt High School in Jacksonville, IL and Quincy College in Quincy, IL.  He excelled at sports, and showed early promise as an artist.  A teacher encouraged him to explore the latter field, but Paul was convinced God had other plans for him.

In addition to serving as the Dominicans' novice master for 15 years, Fr. Duffner established the Rosary Center (Portland, Oregon) in 1945, and directed activities of the Center, including editing "Light and Life" for nearly two decades.

Fr. Duffner continues to spend his days at the Rosary Center, helping to fill the many orders the Center receives for books, CDs and other media.  He has put the finishing touches on the second volume of "To Know Him," an edited collection of the reflections he wrote for "Light and Life" while he directed the ministry of the Rosary Center.

The two volumes of "To Know Him" are available at the Rosary Center website.

If you wish to give a gift to the Province in honor of Fr. Duffner, please visit the Greater Giving site for the Western Dominican Province.

Please keep Fr. Duffner and all our elderly friars in your prayers.

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Las Vegas Newman Job Openings

Apr 15, 2014

3 Job Openings at the
Las Vegas Newman Center!

Ever wanted to plan out fun events like these? Are you Catholic and want a job?
This is your chance!

The St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center is accepting applications for our
Social Justice Peer Minister, Outreach/Evangelization Peer Minister,
and Office Assistant positions! 

Pick up an application from our office.

Social Justice & Outreach/Evangelization Peer Minister applications
are due Monday, April 21 at 4:57pm.

Office Assistant applications
are due
Monday, April 28 at 4:57pm.

Good luck to everyone!

Any Question, comments, or concerns?
Contact Fr. Albert at 702.274.3734 or at

- - -

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Dominicans at the Forefront

Apr 14, 2014

at the Forefront of
Experimental Science

Despite several important publications (James Hannam [1, 2], David C. Lindberg, and Edward Grant), the awareness of the foundations of the modern science in Middle Ages is still low among the majority of scientists. While the popular opinion sees the Renaissance thinkers (including Zabarella, Copernicus, Gilbert, Kepler and Galileo) as progenitors of a new method, it was the tension between thinkers at the medieval universities in Oxford and Paris that brought the origin of science as we know it today. Moreover, this tension between the two schools goes back to the differences between the proponents of Plato and Aristotle, which helps us to recognize and locate the actual plato-and-aristotleorigin of scientific endeavor in antiquity.

In his philosophy of nature Plato combined Pythagorean attempt to understand the cosmos and its phenomena in terms of mathematics and number with Democritus’ purely mechanical view of causation defined in terms of movements and collisions of atoms (for Plato triangle is an atomic element). Therefore, he saw mathematics as a way of arriving at the ultimate and basic reality itself, which in sensual experience is given only in ephemeral appearances. Mathematics became for him a path leading to the contemplation of eternal Ideas, which find their temporal and imperfect exemplifications in the reality accessible for us.

[Read more at Fr. Mariusz' Blog]

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Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

Apr 13, 2014

This is Holy Week.  Have your prepared?

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Ecclesiastic Universities are not Machines

Apr 12, 2014


Vatican City, 10 April 2014 (VIS) – This morning Pope Francis received in audience the professors, students and non-teaching staff of the Gregorian Pontifical University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute and the Pontifical Oriental Institute. These institutions, brought together in a consortium by Pope Pius XI in 1923, were entrusted to the Society of Jesus and the Holy Father recalled the importance of collaboration between them in “safeguarding historical memory and, at the same time, taking responsibility for the present and looking to the future with creativity and imagination”.

Pope Francis indicated two aspects that should characterise the task of the members of the consortium, both teachers and students. The first is to acknowledge the value of the place where they work and study – the city and above all the Church of Rome. “There is a part and there is a present. There are the roots of faith: the memories of the Apostles and the Martyrs; and there is the ecclesial 'today', the current path of this Church which presides over charity, the service of unity and universality. All this must not be taken for granted! … But at the same time you bring here the variety of your Churches of origin and of your cultures. … This offers a valuable opportunity for growth in faith and in opening the mind and the heart to the horizon of Catholicity. Within this horizon, the dialectic between 'centre' and 'periphery' takes on a form of its own, an evangelical form according to the logic of a God who reaches the centre from the periphery, to then return to the periphery”.

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UPDATE Dominican Life | USA April 2014

Apr 11, 2014
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Three Sisters as seen from St. Benedict Lodge Property,
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