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As a mendicant friar in AD 1216, St. Dominic relied on the regular alms giving of the faithful to advance his preaching mission.

Today, we continue that tradition with the 1216 Society for monthly giving. As a member, you’re recognized on an honor roll in the private Cloister Garden of St. Albert’s Priory.

$144/mo – fund all formation expenses of a brother for a day.
$100/mo – fund a school week of meals for a brother.
$64/mo – fund a day of care for an elderly friar.
$52/mo – fund a day of housing for a brother.
$20/mo – fund a day of meals for a friar.
$12.16/mo – honor the founding year of the Order (AD1216).

To view your past donation history and update your information, visit the Donor Portal.

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