Month: February 2019

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Pilgrimage: Walking with God

Christians throughout the ages have undertaken strenuous journeys to shrines far and near. Early pilgrimages focused on the Holy Land, on the sites of Jesus’ life. There are records of such journeys as early as the fourth century. For example, St. Helena famously journeyed to the site of the Crucifixion….


The Chair of St. Peter

As we draw near to the feast of The Chair of St. Peter it is worth reflecting on what papal infallibility is and is not. People often think this doctrine entails that Catholics believe the pope is faultless, receives divine inspiration, or that anything he ever says is infallible. However,…


Preaching Like St. Paul

Recently, in one of my Scripture classes, we addressed the similarities and differences between St. Paul and the Greek philosophers. The philosophers of his day (Stoics and Cynics, for example) would often meet their audience in private and semi-private places and speak to them about how to live well. This…


What is Morality About?

When I say the word morality, what do you think of? Your first thought may be of rules, duties, and obligations – dos and don’ts of what is acceptable behavior, such as those in the Ten Commandments. Some may think of morality as God putting limits on human freedom and…