Month: November 2019

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Thanksgiving and Surrender to Divine Providence

While millions of Americans gather to give thanks to God for blessings given throughout the year, to many of us, it might be a difficult time to be sincere in our gratitude. Perhaps it seems that God has dealt us a series of misfortunes that have turned this time of…


Reflections of Entering Religious Life

Every year several young men from all over the country visit St. Albert’s Priory for a Come and See weekend. I will never forget my first visit to St. Albert’s for a Come and See weekend. So many things ran through my mind as I walked through the cloister, prayed…


St. Cyril and the Eucharist

St. Cyril of Alexandria lived between c. 378-444 AD and was the Patriarch (Archbishop) of Alexandria during a very turbulent time in the Church. At this time a man named Nestorius was spreading a teaching that Jesus’ humanity and divinity were not united in one person, but in one appearance,…


Western Dominican Province Releases New Mobile App

OAKLAND, CA – The Western Dominican Province, a province of the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans), announced today the release of a new mobile and TV app – their first – to help Catholics and non-Catholics discover the truths of life, the world and the Catholic faith. Called OPWest (short…


An Instrument of God’s Healing

What are comforting words you would give to a couple burying their only child? How would you explain why—after trying to have children for many years and spending a lot of money going to different specialists—they were able to conceive a son, only to bury him when he was only…