Month: May 2020

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The Beauty of the Vow of Chastity

I love the vow of chastity! Yes, you heard me right. I, a twenty-four-year-old male, who grew up in the hyper-sexualized culture of twenty-first century America, am thankful that I have chosen not to marry. This choice is especially puzzling in a society where the chastity of priests and religious…


The Night is Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Psalm 130:6-7 “My soul looks for the Lord more than sentinels for daybreak. More than sentinels for daybreak, let Israel hope in the Lord, For with the Lord is mercy, with him is plenteous redemption,” When you can, reread the miracles of Jesus, especially in the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark,…


The Ark of your Might

Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima. All such apparitions are judged the way we judge any private revelation, namely, by whether they are in accord with the Faith revealed once and for all to the saints and handed down to us in Sacred Scripture and Tradition….


Dead Man Walking!

Readings: John 12: 24-26 | Phil 3: 8-14 There was a morbid custom in parts of the American prison system before the 1960s: as a man condemned to die was led to the place of execution, a guard would call out, “Dead man walking! Dead man walking!” When I was…



I am always fascinated by flying. It is remarkable how many people and systems have to work together in order to allow travelers to go from one part of the globe to another. And there is the flying itself—rising from the ground and seeing the landscape get smaller and smaller…