Month: November 2020

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Sunflowers! Thank God!

Harvest festivals, like our American Thanksgiving, are found all over the world. From Korean Chuseok to Jewish Succoth, many farming societies developed rituals to mark the end of the harvest season, often with large parties and tons of good food. Spain has numerous local and regional festivities for the harvest…


A Meditation on Ecclesiastes

All men are dust and to dust they shall return. This is a seemingly grim statement, yet it is also one imbued with humility. What is man, whose life is measured in years and decades, in the great scope of God’s creation? To what can we aspire, so small in…


Reflections on Death

Why does the Church focus on death? In his monastic rule St. Benedict tells his monks to “keep death daily before your eyes.” St. Jerome is famously depicted in paintings with a skull on his desk as he composes his translation of the Bible. Some churches are even made of…



By the grace of God, I was ordained to the diaconate this past month, and I have had the privilege to serve at Mass as a deacon. Part of the petition to be ordained to the diaconate involves declaring a clear understanding of a deacon’s responsibilities. The most important and…