Month: February 2021

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Solid Armor, Trained Arrows: Persevering in the Desert of the Conquering Christ

Lent is not only a time of bodily affliction and psychological combat; it is a time of continual victory for those who hold onto the victorious head and commander—Christ Jesus. As St. Ephrem the Syrian explains: Samson killed many with the jawbone of an ass, but the serpent killed the…


Fixing Our Attention on the Paschal Mystery During Lent

In the office of Readings for Ash Wednesday, St. Clement I, the bishop of Rome in the late first century, exhorts the Christian people to fix our gaze on the Paschal Mystery in the following manner: “Let us fix our attention on the blood of Christ and recognize how precious…


Christian Dignity

Our life on this side of death is marked by a deep and insatiable desire. Human persons, strange creatures that we are, live constantly on the edge of despair for this very reason: we are finite beings with a seemingly infinite longing. We want to be “happy”; we want to…


The Friendliness Called Affability

It seems a certain nastiness is becoming increasingly common in the way we deal with those who are not our closest friends. From public figures whose words and actions are broadcast on television, to squabbles in comment sections of online posts, to even the face-to-face interactions of social life, we…