Provincial’s Statement on Sexual Abuse

From Our Prior Provincial

As the Prior Provincial of the Dominican Province of the Most Holy Name, I am committed to transparency, accountability and truthfulness in all matters, especially those related to protecting the most vulnerable in our Church and society.

In that spirit, I write to acknowledge the horror of the revelations of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and to share the history of our province and work to protect the vulnerable.

Abusive priests and brothers, and leaders in the Church, have perpetrated a profound betrayal of trust that has prompted shock and sadness, frustration and anger, among God’s people and in society.

It is with sorrow and shame that I tell you our province has not avoided this outrage. In the past, friars from our province have harmed innocent children. I apologize on behalf of our province for the criminal and sinful acts of those individual friars, and for the times we as a community failed God’s people.

I assure you that no friar of our province with an established allegation of child sexual abuse against him is in public ministry anywhere. We are concerned for all victim-survivors who suffered abuse by our friars and for the families of those victim-survivors. We provide pastoral support, professional therapeutic counseling and financial aid to those who choose to accept them from us. In prayer we ask in the name of Jesus that God would bring hope, healing and spiritual peace to all who have suffered sexual abuse.

Our province undertakes significant efforts to ensure the safety of children by working closely with third-party agencies and law enforcement. We do not hide or obfuscate. We involve the laity. We take all accusations seriously. We are committed to the truth.

Our safeguarding work is accredited by Praesidium, an independent examiner that monitors our abuse-prevention measures. Our policies are summarized on this website. We have never failed accreditation and are committed to ongoing vigilance.

Our first Safe Environment Policy was promulgated in 1989, and we have continued to dedicate ourselves to preventing sexual abuse, with accountability and transparency to third-party individuals, boards and oversight organizations. I pledge full and continuing cooperation with law enforcement.

In consultation with my Council, and with their approval, I determined that the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus would release the names of all friars who have been permanently removed from public ministry because of an established allegation of child sexual abuse, as well as the names of those friars for whom an allegation of child sexual abuse was established after their death or departure from our province.

These names were first posted on our Provincial website on December 31, 2019. We continue to update this information as new facts are established.

Much of this information has already been available publicly, but we hope that by summarizing it here, we can continue to support the healing process for victim-survivors and advance transparency across the Church.

Our prayer is that the release of these names will offer consolation to those who have been harmed and encourage others to come forward to receive help.

We pray daily for the victim-survivors of abuse and ask God to bring healing to all those affected.

Sincerely in Christ and St. Dominic,

Very Rev. Christopher Fadok, O.P.
Prior Provincial