Report Sexual Misconduct or Abuse

How to Report Sexual Misconduct or Abuse

When we receive a complaint about abuse of children and young people, we make a report to the appropriate law enforcement agency, regardless of the apparent credibility or the time since the reported abuse occurred, including anonymous complaints and complaints against friars who are deceased.

We encourage anyone who is aware of sexual abuse by a priest or religious to report it to their local law enforcement agency.

Making a Report to Law Enforcement

In cases where the victim is currently a minor or a child is currently in danger, make a direct report to a law enforcement agency.

  • If there is immediate danger to a child, call 911 and follow whatever steps law enforcement agents advise to protect the child.
  • If the danger is less immediate, contact the local police department or state child welfare hotline.

In cases where the victim is no longer a minor, or the abuse occurred in the distant past, statutes of limitation vary by state.  Please contact the local police department about making a report.

Contacting the Western Dominican Province

If you believe or know for certain that the alleged perpetrator is a friar of the Western Dominican Province, please call Fr. Michael Fones, OP, Vicar Provincial, at our Provincial office (510) 658-8722, ext. 306 or email him at