Novice Prayer Pledge

Join the Novice Prayer Pledge

Praise God! Our Order continues to grow!

On September 1st, a new class of novices will start their journey as Dominicans.

And they need your prayers to help them persevere.

Please sign up for the Novice Prayer Pledge and commit to praying for our novices on the day of their vestition - September 1st!

You'll receive a reminder email on the 1st with a special prayer for Dominican vocations. Pray it at any time.

What's more, you'll receive an email the morning of September 2nd, making you among the first to see our novices in their Dominican habits and learn their religious names

Most importantly, you'll be remembered on the Prayer Pledge Honor Roll that will hang throughout the year in the Novitiate, reminding our novices of your prayers and support all year long.

Please sign up today!