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Advent: a Season of Watchful Preparation

In this moment between Thanksgiving and Christmas, while the carols are already playing, our liturgical calendar goes through its transition: the ending of Ordinary time and the beginning of Advent. My childhood memories from being raised in a non-denominational Christian home are sadly chased away as purple is put up…


Double Take: Two Masses in Two Days

This year, since Christmas falls on a Monday, many people are asking, “If I only go to a Christmas Vigil Mass on Sunday, December 24, have I also fulfilled my Sunday obligation?” The simple answer is: no. For Catholics, going to Mass on Sunday is absolutely necessary for our spiritual…


Prepare the Way of the Lord

As we finish the month of November, many people are already singing carols and setting up their Christmas trees. But before we celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25, the Church gives us four weeks to prepare during the season of Advent. Aware of how busy these days can be, we’ve…