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Developing Dominican Leaders

When Saint Paul writes to Timothy to advise him on the important qualities to look for in prospective bishops, he begins by listing a number of attributes. He then makes the astute observation that a bishop must also manage his own household well, “for if a man does not know how…


New Habits

On September 3, my five brothers and I were welcomed into a year of discernment with the Order of Preachers as we received the Dominican habit and officially began our novitiate. After a few months, I am now able to reflect on my early time with the Order, using the…


Go Forth In the Face of Adversity

In December of 1216, Pope Honorius III approved Dominic de Guzman’s plan for an order of contemplative preachers. Tradition holds that shortly thereafter, Dominic had a vision while praying in the old St. Peter’s Basilica. Saints Peter and Paul appeared to him, handing him a staff and a book. “Go…


Friars Preach Truth to Youth

Over 200 Catholic teenagers and young adults gathered at St. Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington this past weekend, for the third annual Ignite Your Torch Northwest youth conference. And among the sea of blue and green shirts, there were also a number of habits, including those of the Dominican Friars…


4 Tips for a Better Lent

Life as a Dominican is rooted in four areas, what we typically call the four pillars: prayer, study, common life, and ministry. Based on these pillars, we’ve developed four tips to help you have a better Lent. They all require a little bit of time, but with a little bit…