2022 Lenten Mission Schedule

Join our friars who are preaching around the country!

Fr. Bartholomew Hutcherson, O.P. | Moments of Mercy

Information on Fr. Bart's 2022 Lenten Mission can be found on his website: frbart.com

Fr. Dominic DeMaio, O.P. | A Living Encounter with Jesus: How to Fully Live Our Lenten Journey

Information on Fr. Dominic's 2022 Lenten Mission in English and Español (coming soon)

Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P. | Lenten Missions

March 1-10 - St. Timothy Church, Chantilly, VA 

March 12-17 - St. Gregory Church, Plantation, FL

March 19-23 - St. Augustine, Ossining, NY

March 26-31 - St. Kateri Santa, Clarita, CA

April 2-7 - Madonna del Sasso, Salinas, CA

For more information, you may contact the Itinerant Preaching Office HERE.