Rosary Sunday: Give the world good, faithful priests!

One great preacher can change the world. You can help him!

The world is in need of more zealous preachers to address the intellectual and spiritual poverty all around us. And Dominicans are particularly prepared for this age!

Our annual Rosary Sunday: Dominican Student Appeal provides critical financial support for our student brothers in formation. These young men are future Dominican priests and religious brothers, the next generation of gifted preachers who will preach the Truth.

“Being able to live a life imbued with theology, being able to live a life where study is a treasure…is not only beneficial for me, as someone trying to love God with all my mind, heart, soul, and strength, but it’s also beneficial for others: the people I will teach, the people I speak with, the people that ask deep questions who deserve good answers.” - Fr. Thomas Aquinas Pickett, O.P.

Fr. Thomas Aquinas Pickett, O.P., is currently undertaking doctoral studies at the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

See how your gift to the Rosary Sunday: Dominican Student Appeal ensures that, like Fr. Thomas Aquinas, our Dominican brothers in formation are trained in the Truth to preach the Gospel to those asking the complicated questions.

As our vocations increase, we need your support! God has blessed our Dominicans across the Western Province. We currently have 41 men in formation, each of them eager to preach for the salvation of souls! We rely on you to support our student brothers' room, board, education, formation, and healthcare costs.

Please consider a gift to the Rosary Sunday: Dominican Student Appeal.

Give through our secure online form by clicking below or mail your gift to: Western Dominican Province, 5877 Birch Court, Oakland, CA 94618.

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Thank you for supporting our student brothers! Without God's grace and your support, their vocations would not be possible.