The Tomb is Empty

Mary was waiting for Him with joy

Not as a mother waits for the return of her son from war

But as one waits for a friend who never broke a promise

While the sky was still dark

Without her seeing Him coming

He was there, next to her

In a light much more powerful than that of the angel who had visited her

She recognized Him as a mother recognizes her son

And yet, she was stunned by the splendor of his beauty

By the joy of his face

By the harmony of his luminous traits

By the softness of his piercing eyes

There was nothing more to say

For in one act, everything was said

Her gaze touched the one she had believed

What was from the beginning,

what we have heard,

what we have seen with our eyes,

what we looked upon

and touched with our hands

concerns the Word of life

for the life was made visible;

we have seen it and testify to it

and proclaim to you the eternal life

that was with the Father and was made visible to us

Letting death come in

Without seeing the corruption of the tomb

He emerges like a bud for eternity

He, the only one who brought himself back to Life

The Risen One

The apostles look at us with the joy of victory

They have seen the bright wounds of the Victor

Of the Conqueror of death

Of the Sun of justice

They honored the love of their Master

They fought the good fight as well

The whole assembly of the saints accompanies them

They wait for their own glorious wounds

John the Baptist for his neck of ruby

Lawrence for his skin of gold

Agatha for her dress of emerald

For His Name

Cowards threw themselves in the mouth of lions

Presented their neck to the executioner

Laid down on a cross

An innumerable crowd of them

Like a bright cloud through the night of this world

Before His coming

The patriarchs and the prophets did not receive what had been promised

but saw it and greeted it from afar

Before Him, they were running towards tomorrow

After Him, we run back to yesterday

All of us to the garden of the tomb

To join Him in the eternal day, in his day

There will be one continuous day—it is known to the LORD—

not day and night, for in the evening there will be light.

Lord, give us this seed

Who made the saints of our religion rise

Ignite this torch that galvanized their hearts

This faith transmitted from heart to heart since this Most Holy Sunday

Make this fire grow within us

And communicate it beyond space and time

Christ is risen alleluia!

He is truly risen alleluia!

Br. Jordan Martin, O.P. | Meet the Brothers in Formation HERE