Provincial Chapter 2023: More Elections

Read on for news from Chapter, including more elections and commission work!

As we finish the third week of our Provincial Chapter, now led by our freshly re-elected Prior Provincial, Fr. Christopher Fadok, O.P., the capitulars (representatives) focus on reviewing legislation, appointing friars to other leadership positions, and discussing future goals of the Western Dominican Province.

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Provincial Chapter 2023: Prior Provincial Elected!

2023 Provincial Chapter (Days 8-15)

Following his election and confirmation as Prior Provincial, Fr. Christopher Fadok, O.P., took a formal oath of office, reciting the Profession of Faith before his brethren.

Moving forward, Fr. Christopher became the president of the Provincial Chapter, relieving Fr. James Thompson, O.P., who served as president as well as Vicar of the Province until the Prior Provincial was elected. 

The capitulars then elected the Diffinitorium - six friars who work closely with the Prior Provincial to appoint friars to leadership positions around the province. Finally, the Chapter elected four additional friars as Councilors. Together, the Prior Provincial, Diffinitors, and Councilors comprise the elected members of our Provincial Council, which will meet quarterly over the next four years to guide and govern many aspects of the province.

2023 elected Provincial Council members
Photo: (L to R) Our elected Provincial Council - (top row) Fr. John Winkowitsch, O.P., Fr. Joseph Sergott, O.P., Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P., Fr. Augustine Hilander, O.P., (middle row) Br. Michael James Rivera, O.P., Fr. John Marie Bingham, O.P., Fr. Steve Maekawa, O.P., Fr. Vincent Kelber, O.P., (bottom row) Fr. Jordan Bradshaw, O.P., Fr. Christopher Fadok, O.P., Fr. James Moore, O.P.


Next, Fr. Michael Fones, O,P, was appointed by the Diffinitorium to serve as Socius and Vicar of the Provincial. Fr. Michael is serving his second term in this leadership position, where he works closely with the Prior Provincial. As Vicar of the Province, he assists the Prior Provincial in the governance of the province.

We are profoundly grateful for Fr. Michael's service to the province, and his dedication to our mission to preach for the salvation of souls!

With the above elections complete, the Chapter began its commission work. All the capitulars are divided into commissions to address different subject matters. The commissions include: 

    • On the Following of Christ
    • On the Formation of the Brethren
    • On Government
    • On Economic Administration

The Provincial Chapter can establish additional commissions as needed, so this year we have a special commissions to discuss our Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology.


Each commission began reviewing the Statute of the Province, our policies and procedures manual, and the petitions and proposed legislation put forth by members of the province. Here, the Commission on the Following of Christ is seen discussing proposed legislation. 


Once the commissions finish reviewing petitions and other governance documents, they present their recommendations to all the capitulars for a larger discussion and eventually a vote by the Diffinitorium.

In this photo, the Commission on Economic Administration continues to discuss petitions and legislation set before them.

As the Provincial Chapter continues, the representatives' days are dotted with commission work, meetings of all the capitulars, and meetings of the Diffinitorium to discuss leadership assignments and vote on legislation. This process will continue until the Chapter has discussed and decided on all petitions, legislation, and any other business set for their review.

We'll be able to announce assignments and leadership positions once they are all confirmed by the Chapter.

Please join all the brethren in continued prayers for the Provincial Chapter as they make important decisions in our province.

Check back for more updates about Provincial Chapter during the coming weeks.

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