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Give Monthly. Do Good.

1216 Monthly Giving Society


Regular alms giving is part of our 800-year Dominican tradition of mendicancy (relying on the faithful for support) and a great way for you to advance the mission of St. Dominic.

Members are recognized in the beautiful cloister garden of our House of Formation, St. Albert the Great Priory.

Advance the mission of St. Dominic every month.

Sign-up today, and have a monthly gift charged to your credit or debit card. It’s fast, secure, and easy to manage.

Receive email notifications each time your card is charged, and be recognized in the beautiful Cloister Garden of the Dominican House of Studies.

The Dominican Order was founded in AD 1216. From the very beginning, the ongoing generosity of the faithful made the mission of St. Dominic possible. Similarly, the ongoing monthly support of members of the 1216 Monthly Giving Society form a foundation of support essential to advancing the mission of St. Dominic today.

Direct your gift to:

  1. The Greatest Need of the Friars
  2. The Rosary Center & Confraternity
  3. St. Albert the Great Priory (The House of Formation)
  4. Elderly and Infirm Friars
  5. The Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology (DSPT)
  6. Dominican Mission Foundation

Monthly giving offers a number of advantages:

  • Satisfaction. Each month you’ll be reminded of how your partnership with the Dominicans is helping lead souls to Christ.
  • Control. Direct your gift to support 1) the Greatest Need of the Friars, 2) St. Albert Priory (our House of Formation), or 3) the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology (DSPT).
  • Convenience and Security. Giving monthly is easy to budget and manage throughout the year. Not only that, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your gifts are made with bank-level encryption and security.
  • Flexibility. If for any reason you’d like to increase, decrease, or suspend your gift, just give us a call at (510) 658-8722 and we’d be happy to accommodate you.
  • Reduced Paperwork and Expenses. Monthly giving is automated, saving you and our staff time and resources. That means more funds can go directly to our apostolic work.
  • Updates. As a member of the 1216 Society, you’ll receive important invitations and updates, showing you just how much of a difference your generosity is making in the lives of the friars.
  • Recognition. Members of the 1216 Society are recognized annually on the Honor Roll of Members in the beautiful Cloister Garden of St. Albert Priory.

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I am profoundly grateful to you for making our life possible, especially for the education that I have received during my formation. I have learned languages that I never expected that I would learn and acquired knowledge that I never imagined I would have. And now, equipped with these skills, I am ready to minister to the people of God. None of these would have happened without your generous material and prayerful support.
- Fr. Gregory
I am thankful for both your generosity and your friendship. Thanks to your life of faith and the stories that have grown from that faithfulness, I am prepared to preach for the salvation of souls. We are all in this together as part of the Dominican family, and without your support I would not be nearly as fruitful. God bless you for your inspiring example!
- Fr. John
I wish, indeed, I could send a million dollars for all the inspiration and help to get closer to God that I've experienced from the Dominicans over many years.
- Rosemary - Eugene, OR
I remain deeply grateful for God’s blessings and the support of our benefactors. As I begin my ministry as a Deacon, I look forward to serving God and his people, who, through their prayers and financial support, are making my service possible.
- Rev. Br. Martin Maria
When I think of the people who have supported us brothers (spiritually, personally, financially), I am given even more fire to work for the salvation of souls. On the spiritual side, God gives me the fire and grace to want to preach the Good News, but it’s also receiving the human support that helps the human side of me to keep up the “good fight”; but that’s what the body of Christ is all about: human to human support, love, and encouragement.
- Fr. Chrysostom
Thank you for giving us the time to invest in our future ministry. I know you have made some incredible sacrifices to make my formation possible, and I pray that these sacrifices are rewarded with rich dividends in your life as well as in our ministries.
- Fr. Dennis
I am grateful to God for you who support our Dominican formation—it is your generosity that makes our studies and training possible. We simply could not exist without your partnership in our mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May He richly reward you for this and the many other ways you contribute to His Kingdom!
- Fr. Christopher B.
I hope you realize that you are not simply supporting one organization among many others in the world. You are ensuring in a very real way that the faith has a fighting chance in the most secularized part of the United States. Where there is the most darkness, there is the greatest need of light; your contribution helps our friars become well-honed, well-formed bearers and defenders of the light of Christ.
- Fr. Thomas Aquinas
I am continually humbled by how blessed I am to have received my Dominican education and formation. This training has enabled me to hand on the fruits of my contemplation to others and bring them closer to Christ. I am deeply in the debt of all of the benefactors who have made this formation possible for me, and I hope they all know the immense fruits of their generosity.
- Fr. Christopher W.
The priest is not his own, he belongs to Christ and the Church; and when a man kneels down to receive the sacrament of orders he brings with him all those who have put him there through their own gifts and contributions. The fact that my Dominican formation was only made possible through the generosity of the people of God makes me realize all the more how my priesthood is meant to be a gift to the Church and a sacrifice for the people of God.
- Fr. Bradley
I am so grateful for the formation I received as a student brother. Those years of study, prayer and contemplation have prepared me well for my first priestly assignment, and I am very grateful to you for making it possible. Please pray that I may continue to grow as an instrument of the priesthood of Christ.
- Fr. Andrew
Ever since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to offer myself completely to God for the salvation of souls. Your generous contributions have helped to make that possible.
- Fr. Joseph Selinger, O.P.
I am truly humbled to know that I did not earn all these good things which I have received in the Order; it was from faithful Catholics who gave of themselves so that the Gospel may be preached. The overwhelming generosity of our donors reminds me that all that I have comes as a gift through the grace of God.
- Br. Matthew
I am grateful for your love and prayers! Because of your unwavering support for us student brothers, you have made our lives possible.
- Fr. Joshua
I support the friars because I love the impact they have! They helped me choose my faith! I'm Catholic because of the Dominicans.
- Alejandra - Seattle, WA