Make your gift to Rosary Sunday today and support the future preachers of the Church!

Fairbanks Fundraising Landing Page

Support the Diocese of Fairbanks

Bishop-elect Maekawa Needs Your Help

Help us support the new Dominican Bishop of Fairbanks as he preaches the Gospel across the largest, and one of the poorest and most remote, dioceses in the U.S.

  • Only 9 of 46 parishes are accessible by road - the rest are only accessible by plane, boat, snowmachine, or ATV
  • Only 17% of its parishes can support themselves financially

Bishop-elect Maekawa has spent his entire religious life living in community as a mendicant (begging) friar – a Dominican. As such, your gift today helps him acquire the supplies, liturgical items, and other things he needs to begin his ministry and support the people of his new diocese.

100% of your donation will be passed on to Bishop-elect Maekawa and his new diocese. You can even direct your gift to three important areas of need:

  1. Episcopal Vestments and Liturgical Items
  2. Apostolic Supplies, Equipment, and Clothing
  3. Greatest Apostolic Needs

Thank you! With God’s grace and your help, his apostolate in the North will bear great fruit!