Live Lent Like a Dominican

Over the last 800 years, the Order of Preachers has celebrated the holiness of 103 Saints and 374 Blesseds in the Dominican family. Their witness serves as a model for all of us, especially during Lent. So as we continue our observance of this holy season, may we be inspired by their words of wisdom and follow in their example, persevering in the disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.


"For we pray in truth when we do not think about other matters. Thus the soul must first be purified, and thoughts about temporal concerns must be set aside, so that the pure eye of the heart may be directed truly and simply to the Lord."
--Saint Albert the Great, O.P.

"Lift your heart and your thoughts a little to that sweet and most holy cross, in the face of which every burden is as nothing. Desire to endure a little temporal pain to be spared the eternal pain that we deserve for our sins. Be comforted by the love of Christ crucified."
--Saint Catherine of Siena, O.P.


"Fight the good fight, my children, against our ancient foe, fight him insistently with fasting, because no one will win the crown of victory without engaging in the contest in the proper way."
--Saint Dominic de Guzman, O.P.

"Diligently set yourself apart from everything which lasts but a short time. Wisely purify yourself of everything which has the guise of creatures. Confidently be lifted heavenward with Christ. Firmly rule your natural self with prudence."
--Blessed Henry Suso, O.P.


"Often we do not know what we should do or what should desire, but charity teaches us everything necessary for salvation…This is because where charity is, there is the Holy Spirit who knows all things and who leads us in the right way. Charity effects perfect joy in a person. Likewise, charity effects perfect peace and gives a person great dignity."
--Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.

"Take care most diligently that you do not lose patience at work, or a readiness in obeying a command, or become negligent in performing works of charity. Always live in a state and with a conscience that is certain; never presume to live in a state in which you would be afraid to die."
--Blessed Humbert of Romans, O.P.


"Now, my child, we are celebrating a season when running and enduring are more necessary than we are accustomed to. For when we consider the depth of the mystery of redemption presented to us during these days, how much more should we not endure and persevere!"
--Saint Catherine de’ Ricci, O.P.

"Stand firm with the road marker of contemplation, surrounded with the guideposts of penance. In the thought of your heart, descend into hell, and through that thought, ascend into heaven. Strengthened by this thought, turn your attention to the highway and concern yourselves with entering upon a safe road; strive zealously, lest you fall and lose your way."
--Saint Louis Bertrand, O.P.