Internal Endowments

Internal Endowments

Grant Submission Form


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in submitting a grant request to the Western Dominican Province's Internal Endowments. Please review this page for guidelines, and use the form below to apply. No paper applications are accepted.

IMPORTANT - GRANTING SUSPENDED: per the update in the November internal province newsletter, no new grants will be accepted for FY23-24 as the internal endowment program is now under review. However, the Provincial Council and ALC recognize the need for some exceptions. You may apply for a grant in 2023 if you meet one of the following exceptions:

  1. Previously approved multi-year grant commitments will be honored (no new submission needed)
  2. Requests for financial aid for students at Dominican-run parochial schools will be accepted.
  3. Per existing policy, a program in its 3rd year of grant funding will be allowed to request a final (i.e. 3rd) year of funding.
  4. A ministry or friar with an "exceptional future ministry opportunity" will be allowed to submit a request.

Please note: anyone submitting a grant for an "exceptional future ministry opportunity" will also need to attend a Zoom meeting to share more about their project.

Basic Grant Submission Guidelines

  1. All grants submissions for 2023 must meet one of the above exceptions.
  2. All grant requests must be sponsored by a Western Dominican Friar (see form).
  3. Grants may only be awarded to projects / efforts / ministries of the Western Dominican Province.
  4. Your grant request must fall within the guidelines of the endowment(s). To learn about each endowment's restrictions, please review the Internal Endowments History and Guidelines before submitting.
  5. The same project may not receive funding for more than three (3) years. Rare exceptions may be made if there is a compelling reason to do so (n.b. review History and Guidelines document).
  6. You are ineligible for a grant if you have not completed a Grant Impact Report for a previously awarded grant. Email if you're unsure of your reporting status.

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